Patek Philippe Calatrava 565 ‘Breguet Numerals’

Collecting watches is a journey. For most watch collectors Patek Philippe is the final destination. However, once you have reached the final station named Patek, you will discover there are more levels to it and the Calatrava is the final one.

Collecting Calatrava watches is a subject in its own right. The gentlemen who own these type of watches are the men who have a sophisticated taste for the finer things in life. They only appreciate the best of the best and therefore, they join the family of Patek Philippe owners. We, at Amsterdam Vintage Watches, have got these men covered with this Patek Philippe 565. The 31mm-measuring reference 96 (see background story below) was considered too small by many men. Therefore, in 1938, the 35.5mm-measuring reference 565 and 570 were introduced. Even though, this size was considered rather large for that era, sales took off. Especially, the 570 was very popular. The 565 was intended to be sportier. It was available in steel (this one is made of 18k yellow gold) and the case with integrated lugs had a more streamlined design. The 18k yellow-gold applied Breguet index is a feature that is highly sought-after and popular among collectors nowadays. This example dates back to 1946 and has a subdial at the 6-hour position that indicates the seconds. What we truly hold dear about this watch are the beautifully shaped, elegant hands. Furthermore, the watch comes with its Extracts from the Archives.

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