Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/3

Museum Piece
Patek Philippe’s ultra exclusive timepieces have usually been reserved for the lucky few.
Forget about the ‘Jumbo’ Nautilus. The mid-size 3800 Nautilus is perfection and the factory diamond setting on this rare 3800/3 is just the icing on the cake!

Patek Philippe introduced the ref. 3800 as the midsize brother of the original ref. 3700 Nautilus, clocking in at a diameter of 37.5 mm. The 3800 wasn’t just a shrunken Nautilus, but introduced some important improvements vis-à-vis its big brother. For instance, the 3800 was the first Nautilus to feature an in-house automatic movement: the caliber 335 SC. Unlike the ‘Jumbo’ Nautilus, the 3800 also came with a central seconds hand (as indicated by the “SC”, which stands for seconde centrale). While this might seem like a minute (pun intended) detail, the sweeping seconds adds loads of dynamism to the original Nautilus’ rather static dial.

The iconic Gerald Genta designed case and integrated bracelet on this mid-size Nautilus are executed in 18k yellow-gold. The 3800/3 is an uncommon sub-reference of the 3800 that features a factory-set diamond bezel and dial.

Usually, Patek’s diamond setting would be the star of the show. Yet, in this particular case, the dial itself is king. The original blue paint found on the embossed dial has slowly changed to a pleasing dark green tone with a matching hue on the date disc. The traditional baton markers on the dial are replaced with factory-set brilliant cut diamonds, while two printed Greek sigmas (“σ swiss σ”) at the six o’clock position indicate that the hands are made of 18k gold.

This exceptional reference 3800/3 Nautilus dates back to 1982 and is in excellent condition.

Patek Philippe’s ultra exclusive timepieces have usually been reserved for the lucky few. Its mechanical masterpieces were traditionally made from precious metals and worn by an elegant lady or gentleman.