Patek Philippe Tonneau

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Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the oldest watch in the history of Amsterdam Vintage Watches?

It was 1924 when Patek Philippe created this Tonneau. Its ornate barrel-shaped case—’tonneau’ being the French word for barrel—was a precursor to the tastes of the Art Deco-era that would soon follow: strong, bold, and geometric. Yet, this watch wears very elegantly and stylish on the wrist thanks to its modest measurements of 25.5 x 38.5 mm.

The Art Deco style continues when we take a closer look at the dial, which was manufactured by an enamelling technique called champlevé. In this instance, it means that the brand name (‘Patek, Philippe & Co. Genève’) and Art Deco numerals on the base dial were made from enamel and are raised against the background. Then, a thin layer of material was applied on the rest of the surface and, when louping the dial, you’ll see that the shiny text sticks out slightly. The very elegant, classic blued steel hands top it off.

This stylish dress watch has a manual winding movement, comes on a generic brown leather leather strap with a generic buckle and has an Extract from the Patek Philippe Archives.


Patek Philippe’s ultra exclusive timepieces have always been intended for the lucky few. Its mechanical masterpieces were traditionally made from precious metals and worn by an elegant lady or gentleman.



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