Rolex Day-Date 1803 ‘Green Stella Dial’


The Day-Date is a serious and formal watch. This changed, however, during the ’70s as Day-Dates with Stella dials made their appearance in the market.

These dials, made of lacquered enamel, had bright, funky colours that were typical for the 1970s. All of them are unique as the mix used for the enamel paint was done by hand. The name ‘Stella’ comes from either the artist Frank Stella (he was famous for using bright colours) or the name has been derived from the Latin word for star. Needless to say, only few people chose the costly flagship model fitted with a bright-coloured dial. Only recently, collectors picked up on the Day-Date models, especially searching for uncommon variations, making them appreciate in value during the past couple of years

Luckily, we have had the pleasure to sell quite a few and never seem to get bored of it. The example in our possession was sourced on the other side of the world, in Asia, where the humid atmosphere left a sought-after patina on the case, resulting in a very warm colour of gold. Furthermore, the case has never been polished, retaining its strong lines, thick lugs and sharp fluted bezel. The watch was found without the President bracelet and quite possibly it was never worn on a metal bracelet at all since the backside of the lugs don’t display any marks and clearly show the hallmarks. This reference 1803 with a venom-green Stella dial dates back to 1972 and runs on the calibre 1556.

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