Rolex GMT-Master 1675/8 ‘Nipple Dial’

The 1675 was introduced in 1959 as the successor of the 6542. During its production run of roughly twenty years – making it one of the longest produced references in Rolex’s history – it came in various executions. One of them being the 1675/8 in which the 8 indicates it was made from gold.

A distinct and beloved feature of this reference (and the 1680/8 a.k.a. the yellow-gold Submariner Date) is the nipple dial: protruding hour markers made from gold. The 1675/8 came in various configurations. The one we can offer you has a brown bezel and matching brown dial. Mistakenly, people call this a ‘Rootbeer’ but the ‘Rootbeer’ has a bicoloured bezel (brown- and cream coloured). The one we have dates back to 1972 and runs on the calibre 1575. We really love to combine the warm tones of the dial and bezel with a matching brown leather strap, making it a bit classier. The watch has a glossy dial that is in pristine condition and has – eventhough it’s not a gilt – a gold printing on it, which looks very cool with the 18k yellow-gold hands, case, bezel and buckle. 

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