Rolex Submariner 1680/8 ‘Tropical Nipple Dial’


In the vintage Rolex world, the term tropical points out that the dial has discoloured due to chemical reactions caused by external factors such as sunlight. This is a very desirable, therefore, highly collectible and precious feature.

In 1969, Rolex introduced its first yellow-gold divers’ watch: the reference 1680/8. 1680 is the reference for the first Submariner Date and the /8 at the end of a reference indicates that the watch is made in 18k yellow gold. This reference came with either a black bezel and dial or a blue bezel and dial. Many of the dials, however, show strong patina, which is referred to as tropical. In this case, the dial was once blue and has taken on a caramel-brown colour, which just matches perfectly with the gilt writing.

The watch we can offer you dates back to ’77, runs on the caliber 1575 and is in absolute pristine condition! It has a beautiful ‘Nipple Dial’, which are the round, applied hourmarkers made from 18k yellow gold and with a protruding shape. Hence, the nickname. The watch comes on its original 18k yellow-gold Oyster bracelet, which is a very rare one as it even has an 18k yellow-gold divers extension. We think you should know that the bracelet has been redone properly. This is why it has no stretch at all. The watch is completely original and can’t be missed in a vintage Rolex collection.

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