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THIS WATCH WITH SERIAL NUMBER T297134 WAS STOLEN FROM OUR SHOP DURING A BREAK-IN ON OCTOBER 22, 2020.FOR A LIST OF ALL THE WATCHES THAT WERE STOLEN, PLEASE CLICK HERE.PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY OF THE STOLEN WATCHES. THANK YOU! We love a gold Rolex sports watch as much as the next guy (or girl), but sometimes 40 mm is just a tad too much. Cue the mid-size Yacht-Master: a full-gold luxury sports watch sized like a Datejust!The original 40 mm Yacht-Master was introduced in the early 1990s as a nautical watch. It infused the robust and sporty looks of Rolex’ classic sports watches with a touch of playfulness and luxury. In 1994, a ladies size and a mid-size version were added to the line-up.This mid-size Yacht-Master from 1996 clocks in at a very wearable 35 mm, giving it the looks of a vintage skin diver from the 1960s. The size is perfect for a modestly-sized wrist or for anyone looking for a more classically styled sports watch. The watch is in great condition, with an honest case and bracelet containing some minor scratches here and there and an exceptionally tight gold Oyster bracelet. The dial has a beautiful deep blue color and sports the “Yacht-Master” text in playful red font.


Rolex Yacht-MasterRolex seems to have toyed with the idea of a nautical watch in the 1960s. A handful of prototype ‘Paul Newman’ style Cosmograph dials with printed “Yacht-Master” text have surfaced over the years, but a nautical Rolex chronograph never actually came to fruition.In 1992, Rolex introduced its first dedicated nautical watch under the Yacht-Master name. Unlike preceding sports watches (like the Submariner and Daytona), the Yacht-Master forewent the toolwatch aesthetics. To achieve a sporty luxurious look, the first Yacht-Master (ref. 16628) sported a gold Oyster case, with big markers and hands, more polished surfaces on the case and bracelet, and an engraved solid gold bezel. In 1994, Rolex introduced a midsize and a ladies version. Finally, Rolex added a stainless steel version with solid platinum bezel to the Yacht-Master line-up in 1997.


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