Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-64 'Pre-Moon'

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The NASA tested its predecessor, reference 105.003, for the astronauts that were going to space as part of the Gemini mission. The 105.012, however, was chosen for the Apollo missions. The Omega Speedmaster reference 105.012 is the very first reference with the new case designed to protect the pushers and crown. Another cool thing to know is that this reference 105.012 is the first Speedmaster with 'Professional' displayed on the dial (below the 12-hour position). The watch houses a 321 calibre and the double bevel caseback as it should have. It comes on an original 1506 bracelet with number 16 endlinks. Historically, this is a significant piece because astronaut Richard Gordon did wear a reference 105.012-64 on the Apollo 12 mission. This example comes with the original crater box, which definitely is a collector's item.


Omega SpeedmasterThe Speedmasters history goes back to 1957 when it was introduced as a sports and racing chronograph. However it got picked up by NASA and soon would be known as the ‘first watch worn on the moon’. NASA devised the most demanding tests of a watch’s resistance with the aim of equipping astronauts with the most durable timepieces. The NASA selection tests were conducted from 1964 until 1965 and featured a: high temperature test, low temperature test, vacuum test, humidity test, corrosion test, shock-resistance test, acceleration test, low pressure test, high pressure tests, vibration test and sound testOmega passed all the tests and was officially certified by NASA and the whole crew of the Apollo 11 astronauts each wore a Speedmaster. However, a common misconception is that Armstrong was the first to set a foot on the moon with the Speedmaster where in fact it was actually Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong decided to leave his one as a backup aboard the spacecraft.Ever since, the Speedmaster Professional is one of the most well-known watches of Omega. Omega sticks with its winning formula as the contemporary look makes it difficult to distinguish between modern and vintage pieces, it's left to some subtle differences. Now that is truly timeless.


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