Rolex Daytona 6263 ‘Big Red’

Every time you have to manually wind this Cosmograph, it reminds you of how much money you spent on a steel watch, being a Rolex that houses not even a Rolex movement (indeed, just a Valjoux movement). Yet, it is worth every penny!

Since the invention of the ‘Oyster case’ in the ’30s, Rolex has been marketing the waterproof capabilities of its watches. However, the first truly waterproof Daytona only came into existence in 1965 thanks to the introduction of the reference 6240 and its screw-down chronograph buttons (instead of the round pump pushers with internal gaskets on earlier Daytonas). The 6240 was also the first Daytona to feature a black acrylic bezel inlay with contrasting white graduation scale. The 6240 was discontinued after just 4 years and was replaced by the 6263 in 1969. The 6263 (and its brother, the 6265, with a metal bezel) enjoyed the longest production run of all vintage Daytonas (1971-1987). The one we have to offer is from 1979 and features a striking matte-black dial with discoloured sub-dials. The writing on the 6-hour position, above the sub-dial is in red and spells out largely Daytona. Hence, the nickname ‘Big Red’.

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