Rolex Daytona 6265/8

Mind-blowing Daytona from 1979 in 18K yellow gold.

Museum Piece
Rolex DaytonaIn the 60’s Rolex made some changes in their chronograph line.
Mind-blowing Daytona from 1979 in 18K yellow gold. This fine specimen is a collectors dream, let us inform you why. Obviously the Daytona is one of the most sought-after models nowadays. But back when they were still fitted with a manual winding Valjoux movement, these chronographs were hard sellers for the boutiques, hence small production numbers of each reference; most of them in steel. The Daytona's in precious metal are even more uncommon!The 6265 is fitted with screw-down pushers and 18K yellow gold bezel. Both the steel as the gold ones feature a Valjoux 727 movement, yet only the gold models were supplied with COSC certification and the extra lines "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" on the dial. The matte black dial features the text in the same colour as the champagne sub-dials. The condition is extra-ordinary with all lume plots still intact. The case is strong and equipped with the original "7205" riveted Oyster bracelet with "71" end-links. Both the serial as well as the reference number are clearly visible and the hallmarks are very present. The condition you can expect from your favourite vintage watch dealer.
Rolex DaytonaIn the 60’s Rolex made some changes in their chronograph line. They moved the tachymetric scale (used for measuring distance over time) from the dial to the bezel. The simplified dial also featured another change: contrasting coloured sub-dials. This gave the watch an even more sportive look, which was a good thing as it was dedicated to racing drivers, hence the name Daytona (a race held annually at the Daytona beach in Florida). Although Rolex has been making chronographs since the 30s, this is the first line that got named (in 1964). Nowadays it is one of the most sought after models of all time and comes in so many different variations, fetching prices from $8000 to $1.000.000. This is a big difference to the $210 that was the list price back then. But it was even often sold under the list price as the Daytona wasn’t a popular watch in its day. It wasn’t until 1986 that the demand for Daytona’s increased rapidly due to, mostly, Italian collectors and dealers.REF. 6265After the invention of the ‘Oyster-case’, Rolex marketed the waterproof capabilities of its watches over the years. However the first Daytona with truly waterproof screw-down pushers (instead of the round pushers with internal gaskets on earlier Daytona’s) didn’t come until 1965, when they launched the 6240. Another major change concerned the bezel: instead of the steel one, they used a black acrylic inlay with contrasting white graduation scale.The 6240 was discontinued after just 4 years. Luckily the beauty of the acrylic inlay and sturdiness of the screw-down pushers continued in 1971 when the 6263 first saw light. This model was made until 1987 and has the longest production run of all vintage Daytona’s together with the 6265. However the 6265 featured a steel bezel instead of the black acrylic one.