Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400

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‘The Jumbo’. The perfect watch for the heavyweight champion - it doesn’t matter in which profession; whether you are a businessman, an athlete, an artist or a family man. As long as you are a winner in your field you have deserved this championship belt.Keep in mind: this watch is big and bold. Therefore, you should be big - both, in stature and status – if you want to sport this watch. Some might even argue that this Royal Oak is a little bit outrageous. Who cares? You’re the heavyweight champion.The watch dates back to 2017 and has been fully revised by AP so comes with international warranty. It has never been polished and worn a handful of times. It remains in razor-sharp condition with just a few very shallow scratches near the clasp.


Audemars Piguet Royal OakAudemars Piguet X Gérald Genta.Switzerland, 1969. The quartz crisis was in full swing. Audemars Piguet, facing financial troubles, asked Gérald Genta to design a new watch. The managing director did not have many requirements. The watch had to be:

  • From steel;
  • Waterproof;
  • Sportive;
  • And oh yeah, the design had to be finished the following morning!
That night, Mr. Genta was drawing designs as if his life depended on it. Little did he knew that during that particular night the watch that he had drawn, would become one of his most iconic creations. He got inspired by an old-fashioned divers helmet; the octagonal steel case, the screws in the bezel and the tapestry motive in the dial gave the watch this unique, industrial look. The well-known name came from a battleship from the British Royal Navy. A work of art was born!However, it was not a success from the start. The watch was back then, in ’72, considered as too big (39 mm) and too expensive (3,300 Swiss francs). It received fierce criticism and the watch was considered out of place. Nevertheless, the quality and charm could not be denied by collectors and trendsetters. One year later, after AP had sold 1000 pieces, sales truly took off and the AP Royal Oak became – as Genta himself said – a masterpiece.


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