With every wrist- and pocketwatch there comes a one-year warranty.

When you buy a watch at Amsterdam Vintage Watches you’ll receive a guarantee certificate with the brand of the watch, serial number, a brief description and the starting date. Besides this it also states the following conditions of the guarantee:


The watch you bought, specified in this guarantee certificate, comes with a guarantee period of one year, starting on the day mentioned on this certificate.

The guarantee applies to the functioning of the watch in indicating time and the functioning of present complications. This with the reservation that quartz movements in general are more accurate than mechanical movements.

Excluded from the guarantee are the waterproofness of the watch, as well as breaking/ loss of the glass, winding stem, winding crown, spring, buttons and pushers and such, and the strap/ bracelet; also excluded is damage caused by falling/ bumping of the watch, or through the presence of dirt or damp in the watch. In these cases Amsterdam Vintage Watches is not accountable for the resulting damage to the watch itself, nor for the consequences of such damage, of whatever nature, to other matter or persons.

With every claim this guarantee must be presented. Without a valid guarantee certificate repair can only be executed at your expense.